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Old 20 June 2018, 05:39 PM
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Default Defence lawyer asks sex assault complainant why she didn't clench her legs together

A defence lawyer who asked a young woman why she didn't clench her legs together to prevent her father pulling down her pants and having sex with her has been admonished by a Calgary judge, who dismissed a mistrial application Tuesday afternoon.

"You would agree with me then all you had to do was clench your legs together and your pants would have been unable to move," said defence lawyer Krysia Przepiorka in her cross-examination of the young woman late Monday afternoon.

Where do these people come from that still hold these outrageous, outdated ideas that knees prevent sexual assault?

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Old 20 June 2018, 05:52 PM
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You know the knee thing could work... for maybe a minute. Those muscles are easily tired.

Not to mention it's those (often weak) muscles against stronger, more utilized arm muscles. Not to mention is those muscles of a woman against the muscles of a man. Not to mention this was the woman's FATHER who she lived with and had other access to her when she was less able (or perhaps more tired) of pressing her knees together.

*insert all the eyeroll emoji*
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