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Old 29 June 2013, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Blatherskite View Post
Here's a gallery of smiling Victorians if anybody's as interested as I am (scroll down to see all of them). My favourite is the little boy in the top hat!
My initial thought was that the body language was still all sorts of stiff and formal, despite the smiles, until I saw the young couple leaning against each others' shoulders. That picture could have been taken today if you edited more modern clothes on them! The very last set of images, bottom left, really made my day though, because they look like something I and one of my dates would totally do. It starts out with a middle aged man and woman (husband and wife?) smiling for the camera, then more or less the same picture with the expected even, almost stern expression ... and ends with two shots the lady ducking, covering her face, and "hiding" from the camera against her companion. The man and his epic mustache are positively grinning; what an awesome reminder that some things never change, even camera-shyness, and that our forefathers were likely just as foolish and young as we are/were at some point!
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Old 21 July 2013, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Little Pink Pill View Post
I loved those, thanks for that link. It's good to see life wasn't always as severe as their portraits.
I love them too!
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