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Old 23 October 2010, 08:27 AM
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Icon204 The Internet Lies About Baby Carrots

The anti-baby carrot email was accompanied by the claim that, which checks out urban legends for truthfulness, found the story of chlorine-tainted carrots to be true. The email address given for the snopes report didn't work so I went to the site myself and discovered snopes said no such thing. But it did say this particular email, in one form or another, has been floating around since 2008 and called it a mixture of "true and false information."

What's true is that some but not all baby carrots are made from cut up carrots that are twisted or malformed. But snopes added, "It's not true there's anything wrong with the larger carrots they're made from or that the resultant vegetables reach consumers in a chlorine soaked state."
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