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Old 18 November 2009, 12:38 AM
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Vanishing George Reeves' part cut out of 'From Here to Eternity'?

Comment: Please check out this rumor if possible:

George Reeves (TV's Superman) had his role in "From Here To Eternity" cut
to almost nothing, because audiences during the film's preview showing
began to laugh and say "There's Superman!".

This information appears in many web sites (including The New York Times -

All you have to do is Google "here to eternity" plus reeves plus laughter
and you will see the same information on numerous web site. But these
references, I think, all come from the same source.

My question is: Is that source real or fiction?
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Old 18 November 2009, 02:27 AM
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A quick check of IMDB gives Superman starting in 1951 and From Here to Eternity being made in 1953; so he would have been known for playing Superman by the time the film was previewed. There is also the fact that his character in the film is named, but George Reeves is not credited; but it was such a huge film that the majority of the cast were uncredited, including other well-known actors
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Old 18 November 2009, 02:28 AM
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Funny you should mention this, I just sent Hollywoodland back home to Netflix.

According to Wikipedia:
A false but often-repeated story suggests that he was upset when his scenes as Sergeant Maylon Stark in the classic film From Here to Eternity were cut after a preview audience kept yelling "There's Superman!" whenever he appeared on screen. Eternity director Fred Zinnemann, the screenwriter Daniel Taradash and others have maintained that every scene written for Reeves's character was shot and included as part of the released film. Zinnemann has also asserted that there were no post-release cuts, nor was there even a preview screening. Everything in the first production draft of the script is still present in the final product seen since 1953.
(Wikipedia's source: "From Here to Eternity" screenplay drafts file, Billy Rose Theatre Collection, New York Public Library)

The George Reeves entry is here.
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