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Old 10 April 2009, 02:13 AM
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Cell Phone Demand American customer service reps
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Old 10 April 2009, 02:35 AM
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it's a vicious circle and i am caught in the middle of it.

My company, in an attempt to save money due to the downturn of the US Economy, has started off-shoring (or as they call it "right-shoring") everything except Operations Management.

This results in a large number of American employees becoming unemployed. They then cannot afford to purchase anything. So the economy worsens. So the company sends more obs over seas to get through the tough times. Which results in more Americans without jobs, who can't afford to buy anything. rinse and repeat.

as for their being a "rule" that a company HAS to send you to an American rep.. not true.. its just a matter of customer service that if you can't communicate you pass it to someone who may have a better chance to..
In fact, there is a good chance that being sent to an "American" rep will land you with someone with just as large of a language barrier. In fact, my American service desk consists of 3 people from India, 2 people from Japan, a person from Russia and a person from France. All with accents, and all American Citizens.

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Old 10 April 2009, 02:54 AM
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Once again I found out that if we use those check outs rather than cashiers people loose their jobs too. I've refused to use the automated check outs and have had two cashiers already thank me for help saving their job.

Please help me spread this incredible insider information in hopes we can save more jobs in america, it may be a small thing but maybe it could have a huge impact.
It's "incredible insider information" that stores hire fewer cashiers when people use the self checkout? Really?
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