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Old 14 August 2018, 08:34 AM
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Reading A Survey of Some of the Best Science Fiction Ever Published

Full title: "A Survey of Some of the Best Science Fiction Ever Published (Thanks to Judy-Lynn Del Rey)"
As with Timescape Books, the Classic [Library of Science Fiction] series was largely due to the astute market sense of one editor. In this case, the editor was Judy-Lynn del Rey (she may have had an occasional assist from husband Lester). Under her guidance, Ballantine and later the imprint that bore her name became a signifier of quality; readers like me turned to her books whenever we had the cash. The Classic Library of Science Fiction helped to firmly establish the Del Rey publishing house.
I wanted to share this since I really enjoyed the article and the realization of how many of these books I owned, currently own, or read at the library. I also recommend reading the footnotes and the comments. For example, several commenters explain why some famous authors aren't included (e.g., they weren't published by Del Rey/Ballentine).

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Old 14 August 2018, 12:56 PM
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Some interesting looking things... I've heard of a few of them but hardly read any. (Philip K Dick obviously; I've got a couple of Conan novels that are co-written by L Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter, who's not in the article; I must have read short stories by some of the others in collections a long time ago).
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Old 15 August 2018, 12:56 PM
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I own... four of these, looks like (Blish, Gallun, Brown, and Russell), and to the best of my failing memory, I've also read three others (Clement, Moore and Williamson). They were excellent anthologies, and the reason I don't own more is because they were devilishly difficult to find in bookstores. I suppose I could see if Amazon has any up for grabs; I rescued two Roger Elwood YA SF & F anthologies from a library book sale years ago, and filled out the series via Amazon for fairly cheap.

Someone in the comments section (#9) notes that the modern equivalent are the Wildside Press’ Golden Age of Science Fiction Megapacks, which I recently discovered on my Kindle. There are well over 40 anthologies in the series, and I think (don't have my Kindle with me to look) another publisher has anthologies of pulp magazine stories (Worlds of If, for example) as well as thematic collections (Cthulhu mythos stories), all for very cheap - $1-$3 for hundreds of thousands of words per collection.
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Old 16 November 2018, 07:35 PM
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Isaac Asimov's memoir I, Asimov has a lot to say about Judy-Lynn del Rey, all of it extremely positive. In the history of science fiction, he considered her influence as an editor second only to that of John W. Campbell.
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