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Old 06 December 2018, 12:59 AM
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Icon605 Bag Man: the investigation and resignation of Spiro Agnew

It's the story of a criminal occupant of the White House, whose crimes are discovered by his own Justice department, who then tries to hold on to power by obstructing the investigation into his crimes; by smearing and threatening the prosecutors who are investigating him; and by trying to convince his legion of supporters across the country that none of the allegations are true -- that it's all just a big witch hunt.
Sound familiar?

Largely buried in history under the avalanche that was Watergate, the unconnected criminal investigation that eventually led to the resignation of Vice-President Spiro Agnew is a pretty compelling story, and finds many parallels with today's political situation. Agnew was a man beloved by the far right, who said outrageous things and lashed out constantly at the press and anyone who disagreed with him. The case against him was based on rock-solid evidence discovered by DoJ attorneys who started out following rumors of political corruption in Maryland and had no idea they would eventually lead to the White House. The accused fought back by attempting to block the investigation, smearing the investigators, and launching attacks on the media and the very heart of a free press. And it raised a question that's very much relevant today: can you indict a sitting President or Vice-President? What's the correct process for removing him from office? And with it becoming clearer by the day that Nixon was himself likely to be removed, can you do it before he's succeeded by a Vice-President who is clearly a criminal?

Rachel Maddow explored the story in a 7-part podcast, based on an investigation that turned up evidence of obstruction of justice that even the prosecutors themselves hadn't been aware of (including some that implicates the recently departed George H.W. Bush). The parts are between 25 and 45 minutes long, for a total length of about 4 hours, but I found them well worth the time.
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Old 06 December 2018, 05:52 PM
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Wow, that is scarily like Obama.
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Old 06 December 2018, 09:54 PM
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Bang Head

You mean Clinton.

Which one?

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Old 07 December 2018, 03:11 PM
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I remember Agnew. It was his case that taught me the term nolo contendere. I remember a few years after he resigned he appeared on Tom Snyder's Tomorrow show, with the understanding that there were certain questions he would not answer - not exactly something good journalists tend to agree to. When the show began, Snyder (who considered himself a journalist in the Murrow tradition) said something to the effect of "he told us he wouldn't answer them, but we didn't promise we wouldn't ask them." Thus Agnew had to (rather gracefully) keep saying "I'm not going to answer that."
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Old 10 December 2018, 12:42 PM
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My mother bought a Spiro Agnew watch that I still have. Its value? Only about $20.
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Old 10 December 2018, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by DawnStorm View Post
My mother bought a Spiro Agnew watch that I still have. Its value? Only about $20.
I think that's more than they cost at the time.
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