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Old 13 August 2017, 02:51 PM
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Another vote for cups*. I switched this cycle from tampons and it's so much easier. I'm not familiar with menstrual sponges but after a quick search, I'd have some concerns...
1) I have a sea sponge for exfoliation. It's quite rough. I can't imagine putting it inside me. Ow.
2) They're supposedly reusable. How do they get sterilized between cycles? One site talks about using a tea tree oil/vinegar solution, which even if dilute, sounds irritating to sensitive tissues.
3) How does it get cleaned during the cycle? Again, site says you just rinse it with water and reinsert, but I feel like it would get quite smelly and gross after a day or so.
4) Leaks. I feel like it would leak. I don't think it could hold enough liquid to make it worthwhile. And public washrooms might be tricky. The cup I can dump out in a stall and reinsert. But I don't know about carrying a bloody sponge to the sink to rinse.

* There's a crap ton of cups on the market and they don't all suit every woman's anatomy. I lucked out with the Diva because supposedly it's one of the longer ones and (TMI warning) I apparently have a high cervix and a long vagina as my gyno told me at my last pap. Other women find them uncomfortable and need a shorter cup.
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