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Old 17 March 2017, 01:29 PM
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Tsk, Tsk Irish Premier Uses St. Patrick’s Day Ritual to Lecture Trump on Immigration

New York Times:

“There are millions out there who want to play their part for America — if you like, who want to make America great...We would like this to be sorted,” Mr. Kenny said, calling for these people to be given a path to citizenship. “It would remove a burden of so many that they could now stand in the light and say, ‘Now I’m free to contribute to America as I know I can.’ That’s what people want.”

My question: Not to diminish the words of the taoiseach, but is Ireland as welcoming to immigrants as he says America should be? I remember a conversation some years ago with someone who had ties to Ireland, and she said immigrants are generally welcome only if they don't "take a job away from an Irishman" - i.e., if they are in the creative arts or otherwise have unique talents or skills.

BTW, here's a look at what some in Ireland think of Trump:
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