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Old 23 February 2018, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Errata View Post
As people have mentioned here, a "pep rally" is usually about school sports. There's not much rational discussion needed about whether your sport team is really the best or not.
I was very short on what was called "school spirit" and generally thought the whole thing was silly. Saying so out loud was likely to be frowned upon, however; by the other students at least as much as by the school administration. (I suppose larger schools probably have enough people who think it's silly to make this less of an issue, as such students could then hang out with each other. At least if they agreed, mostly, on what else was silly.)

Originally Posted by Veruca View Post
All I remember is the booth selling candy and dill pickles, which shows what my priorities were as a child.

Errata: Interesting. I never thought of "prep" as "a kid who tries hard in school." Growing up, my friends and I mostly used it to mean snobby and/or boring. I'm sure there are regional and individual variations, though.
Candy and dill pickles? My taste buds don't think those go together.

"Preppy" to me means either "a student at a private* college preparatory school" or "dressed like or behaving like a stereotypical student at such a school". While there are certainly exceptions who are at prep schools, the stereotype would be from a family that's at least moderately rich, would be wearing whatever clothes are in style among such people (about which I have currently no idea), would probably have little if any understanding of people living in other circumstances, and would expect to be considered to have a good education and to go to a good college but wouldn't necessarily expect to work very hard at it. Would probably play sports, and think that everybody ought to.

*I have the impression that what's called a "private school" in the USA is called a "public school" in England. I might be wrong about that. In the USA a public school is paid for by taxes and anybody the right age who lives in the district is entitled to go; there may be fees for sports clothing etc. but not for the school itself. Public schools also do not, at least in theory, teach any particular religion. A private school is run by its own private board/organization; can choose who it wants to admit according to whatever criteria it wants except, at least in theory, for certain protected classes such as race; can be religious or secular; and charges fees, usually quite expensive fees, although scholarships may be available. Many private schools are boarding schools, but not all are, and some of the boarding schools also take dayhops who live locally. Many of them are for teenage students but some start in early childhood, and some students may never have gone to a (USA) public school.

--thorny -- more information than you wanted to know since approximately 1954 -- locust

ETA: I went to a prep school. I did not fit.

But then, I didn't fit in the public school, either.

-- thorny -- also generally not fitting very well since approximately 1952* -- locust

*I think I passed for normal pretty well for about the first year.
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