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Old 09 December 2009, 06:15 AM
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Icon220 Missing Person: Mariah Sauve

Comment: Someone sent me a link to a facebook page of someone looking for
her sister. The sister's name is Mariah Sauve. Below is the link and

HER NAME IS MARIAH SAUVE' last seen walking to school in Clairview ,
Edmonton Alberta area......she was taken by a 2 guys her friend just told
me this about the two guys :
Meagan December 5 at 12:23am Report
i don't know their names, none of us have ever seen them b4. They look
spanish, with brown eyes short dark brown hair one is about 5.9 the other
6.0 and the shorter ones hair is short but a little long, long enough to
give the front a bit of spikes and the has too short of hair to do...
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Old 09 December 2009, 07:11 AM
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On the 2nd post down her sister says that she's home.

this group will be used now for any lost ppl aka any loved ones that need to be found.
people are asking where she was, what happened etc.
well my sister has been thru alot and she did ask me to no tell no one... i love her very much and i would not break my word for no one ♥ because i promised her
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