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Old 08 October 2008, 08:02 PM
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Canada Canadian Indians receive free houses

Comment: I am a Mohawk Indian living near Montreal, Canada, and I wish to
verify the authenticity of a rumour. This is actually a rumour that has
persisted for generations, and has often been used to back up the belief
held by many non-natives in Canada that Canadian natives are wasteful of
government resources.

The rumour goes as follows:

Canadian Indians receive free houses paid for by the government, and often
burn them down when they want to get a new one built for them.

I have heard this rumour from numerous sources, usually people with a
distinctly anti-native stance on most issues. But I have even heard it in
the native community, and it is always in the context of, "My people don't
do this, but I have heard that THOSE guys over there..."

This rumour is constantly quoted in discussions of native rights, by
people opposed to those rights. One common place you will find them is in
the discussions below any CBC news article referring to natives. Just go
to and enter the word "native" in the search
panel. Go to pretty much any article in the search results and you will
see what I mean in the comments below.

It is time to put this falsehood to rest, or if for some bizarre reason,
it should be true, it is time to see what went wrong.
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Old 08 October 2008, 08:40 PM
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It appears that the Federal Government did, originally, subsidize the purchase of houses, but the ongoing maintenance of 'Housing Co-ops' has been left to the individual bands. THIS article examines two of the co-0p ventures.
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