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Old 14 August 2017, 12:16 PM
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Default Donald Trump and the snub that wasn't

When a reader drew attention to the way the edited version distorted what had taken place, I raised the issue with the relevant Guardian editors, and they immediately accepted the need to correct. Staff who put together the item for the Guardian told me they based it on wire service material from a regular and reputable source. In that material the incident was already framed as an apparent snub. It did seem to fit into the growing catalogue of Trump’s odd greetings.

I am satisfied that the Guardian did not set out to mislead, but that was the initial effect. Several other major media organisations made the same mistake and some also corrected it, as the fact-checking organisation Snopes has reported.
The article goes on to make some good points about the link between this sort of distortion and the ability to dismiss reporting you don't like as "fake news"; and also that trust in journalism partly relies on the ability to admit and correct mistakes.
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