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Old 18 January 2019, 06:04 AM
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Default Strange menacing jet black square

A month ago, I had an odd dream where I was in my bedroom, at night, and there was this jet black square that was appearing at the edge of my field of vision. As I moved my head or my body, the square followed me, and as it did, it did it in a sort of weird animated way, jumping around a few times quickly with after images of where it was before surrounding it.

(here's a crude ASCII)

.|__| <===not moving

after moving

.._____ <====afterimage
..| ____

This scared me to death, and I got so scared and angry I began spitting at
it. When I woke up I was terrified, and I had to close my closet door, because there was a garment that looked like the square in my dream.

The strange part about this whole thing is I've had many dreams where I was caught in the middle of tornados, strong earthquakes, shoot outs, and other events that would be traumatizing in real life, but none of these dreams scared me as bad as this one did.
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