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Old 28 December 2018, 09:44 PM
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Default New York Sky Turns Bright Blue After Transformer Explosion

There was a boom; then a hum. The lights flickered. A giant plume of smoke filled the New York City sky around 9:12 p.m., and turned it blue. “A sort of unnatural, fluorescent shade of blue,” said Bill San Antonio, 28, who was watching Thursday night from inside a terminal at La Guardia Airport.

“We thought it was a U.F.O.,” said Yiota Androtsakis, a longtime Astoria resident.

By late Thursday night officials said the event was caused by nothing more than a transformer explosion.
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Old 29 December 2018, 12:18 AM
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Wait, so these "officials" are admitting a transformer exploded, but the NYPD is tweeting that there’s no evidence of extraterrestrial activity?

So which is it, are transformers (sentient alien robots in disguise) meddling in our affairs, with decepticons and autobots fighting for dominance on our doorstep, or is there "no evidence of extraterrestrial activity"?

I mean, geez, get your stories straight for the cover up before you go to press, am I right?
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Old 29 December 2018, 01:13 AM
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Do we have confirmation of Michael Bay's whereabouts at the time of the incident?
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