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Old 09 January 2019, 01:50 PM
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Default TBT: Students once recited a pledge in the state of Victoria

I just stumbled upon this one:

I went to school in Melbourne between 89 and 91. This pledge was well and truly abolished at that point (although we still saluted the flag and sang the anthem. Nowadays it seems kinda weird that we had to have a teacher come out and cue us on the notes (rather than the beats). Also, our assembly (or “parade”) in my primary school up here was in the senior lunch area (nowhere near a flag), my high school had theirs in a hall (and we sang mostly hymns, although the anthem was also listed) and my other high school was in California.

I did recite a pledge in primary up here, but it had nothing to do with this one and was a school thing. The only other times I’ve been to school assemblies were with a friend in Melbourne (I really don’t recall that. I was in school myself at the time and don’t know what I was doing at hers) and my nephew’s up here (they have a school song).
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