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Old 19 September 2017, 11:17 PM
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Seems every generation of engineers has to learn the hard way that all the technology in the world isn't enough if its design doesn't include the rest of the world. There's no magic prototype or government spending or manual or rules and laws or expert users or user interface or anything that's going to somehow transform a frog into a prince - no matter how wonderfully 'engineered*' it is, no matter how well it supposedly drives better than a human. All of those things have to be designed with the system by people who understand both very well. Otherwise, we're looking at two more decades of futzing around (technical term for trial and error) with these cars, just like we did with cell phones, the Internet, the automobile itself, the computer mouse, etc etc. It typically takes two decades. And that hasn't started yet because there are no self driving cars. (Maybe someone will come along, a magic Jobs or whatever - someone who finally gets it - to shorten that period by, what, maybe three years tops? But don't count on it. I'm as old as the mouse, for example, but it didn't really become a thing until I was out of high school. **)

* 'Engineered' in quotes because designing tech, without designing how it works in the real world with real people and businesses and (yes) laws and other tech, is not engineering. That's just making stuff. Big difference.

** And anyone who says 1984, fine, but the actual device is actually several years older than me. So, yep, two decades. Just a very very simple thing.

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