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Old 15 March 2019, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Morning View Post
Clear up until pure ammonia was available in commercial quantities, dye shops needed rotten urine, as it was called, to bleach cloth and to prepare certain dyes, like indigo.

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Old 15 March 2019, 05:56 PM
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The Romans and others also used urine for mouthwash.

Catullus disses a guy for smiling too much:

Egnatius, because he has bright white teeth,
always smiles: If someone comes to the defendant's
bench, when the speaker arouses weeping,
he grins; If there is mourning at the funeral pyre of
a dutiful son, when the bereaved mother weeps for her only son,
he grins. Whatever it is, wherever he is,
whatever he is doing, he grins: he has this disease,
neither elegant, I think, nor refined.
Therefore I must warn you, my good Egnatius.
If you were a city man or a Sabine or a Tiburnan
or a thrifty Umbrian or a fat Etruscan
or a swarthy and toothy Lanuvian or
a Transpadane, to touch on my own people as well,
or anyone you like who cleans his teeth with clean water,
I still should not want you to smile on all occasions:
for nothing is more silly than a silly smile.
Now you are a Celtiberian: in the land of Celtiberia,
whatever each man has urinated, with this he is accustomed
in the morning to rub his teeth and his red gums,
so that the more polished those teeth of yours are,
the more urine they proclaim you to have drunk.
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Old 15 March 2019, 08:00 PM
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Hmm. I read that only as saying that Celtiberians used urine that way. He's saying smiling that much is silly even if, like all the people he listed, you clean your teeth with clean water. But it's extra unpleasant because Egnatius is Celtiberian, so showing how white his teeth are makes the author think about how much urine he has "drunk," which it seems fairly clear he is disgusted by. Maybe there's other evidence about how common it was, but this doesn't seem to support that "Romans and others" did it.
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Old 15 March 2019, 10:16 PM
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Another cite:

Ancient Pages

Also, the Celtiberians were citizens of the Roman empire living in what is now Spain.

I bet Catullus had a blank-eating grin while writing this....

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Old 16 March 2019, 03:56 AM
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Sorry for the double post, but it wanted to correct my error.

Catullus lived from 84 - 54 BCE, so the Iberian peninsula was not completely annexed by Rome at the time he was writing. The annexation was finalized in 19 BCE.

I apologize for implying that all the Celtiberians were all Roman citizens at the time of Catullus.

But his poem 39 still tickles me.

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Old 16 March 2019, 06:34 AM
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The hot takes about the college admission scandal are bugging me. People are consistently just reading the headlines and nothing more than that. There must have been millions of people responding that rich people have always bought their kids admission and we've known it all along, so why is it a big deal now? Yes, they have, and while distasteful and unfair, it's perfectly legal, not something you can get arrested for (at least not at private schools, some state schools might have applicable rules). These people are getting arrested because how they're doing it is meaningfully different and even worse than the normal way of buying admission.

At least the traditional way you're maybe helping buy the school a building or more staff, so theoretically they might be able to grow their student body by more than enough to replace the spot you bought your kid, or give scholarships to several students from the opposite end of the economic spectrum. It's not a great system for social mobility, but at least there's some upside to it. If you pay someone to cheat the SAT for your dumb kid, or coach to falsify paperwork for your uncoordinated kid, nobody wins except the dishonest person you bribe and your dumb kid, and the school gets nothing out of it so that spot you stole really does come from directly from someone more deserving who might be able to do more with it. The private school does get to choose their students that way if they want, but nobody gets to commit fraud with impunity except Republicans.
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Old 22 March 2019, 01:37 PM
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This is something that came up this morning. The other day I attended a briefing regarding significant changes to the employment structure of our military. During the Q&A, there was a question that was raised that the presenters stated that they had a slide presentation that would explain everything, and that they would have it distributed in the following days.

And I received it this morning. However, it is merely a couple of slides with bullet points and several slides of tables with numbers. No context whatsoever.

So, this presentation that would explain everything needs someone to explain it to me.

That annoys me.
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