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Old 08 January 2014, 07:21 PM
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Old 23 May 2014, 04:27 AM
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Having worked at Target for 8 and a half years (been gone for 5 now), I can say this is partially true. I can't speak on the final digit part, I don't recall ever hearing anything about that, but I do know each store has a schedule on what departments get marked down each day of the week. The schedule in the post is the same one my store followed, so I would presume (but can't swear) that its a company-wide schedule.
The catch is, the schedule only applies when the pricing team stays on schedule. If a store has a crappy pricing team, or the occasional huge load of price changes in one department, this can get throw off.
Also, all the posts about price changes varying from store to store is absolutely true. Something can be 50% off at one store and still be 30% off (or even full price) at a store 5 miles away. Its also determined by people outside of the store, the store manager (or anybody else at that specific store) has no say whatsoever, unless its a markdown for a display item or something subjective like that.
Also, to verify a coupe other posts, the first markdown on anything is 30%, except for food, which starts at 15%. The final markdown for everything is 75%, except for seasonal items (Halloween and Christmas, in particular), which go to 90%.
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