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Old 09 February 2012, 07:56 PM
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Comment: Well, before starting up I would like to mention I do not
intended to post this until now because it's getting out of hand. Please
do not judge me and bare with my shitty english.

This situation is very awkward. Let's say their name are Katya and Arianne
for the purposes of this story. I would also like to mention they are both
18 years old and I'm 20 years old, just to clarify things up.

So, here it goes. I've slept with my 2 step sisters, we are not blood
related just to clarify things up, for over 1 year and half now, I have no
clue what to do from preventing it from being discovered by our family and
I don't know how to hide it anymore. It's got to the point where I can't
even eat at the table because of this issue. I'm not talking about a
simple situation, this whole thing started a year ago during a night when
I was studying for my exam when Katya the older one came in my room and
wanted to help me with my studies. She started helping me for my final
exams for the last past month and I was really getting stressed over my
final test. So after 1 week of hard work she decided to help me in a weird
way by undressing and by putting the answers on many piece of papers all
over her body.

Everytime I had an answer wrong she was removing a piece of paper covering
her body, Well too bad there wasn't enough papers to cover all my mistakes
because it was done before you could even imagine considering I was
stressed and I was really struggling to avoid the whole situation really
didn't help there was no papers after 5 minutes, at first I thought it was
awkward and wrong but after a couple of minutes we really got into it and
then we got in the bed and then it was done, my first time with Katya...
The next day her sister knew it, I don't know how the hell she knew but
I'm pretty sure she heard us or she sneaked up on us while in the act.
Then the whole game started up. What I mean by a game is they both started
a competition between them. They we're trying to make me fall in love with
them or play some sort of silly jaelousy game, they started sneaking up on
me while I was sleeping, during my studies, when I was in the shower or
even at the table they we're trying to make feel nervous with their weird
micmic and sexy ways of getting me into it and even when our parents and
family we're around. It was getting very difficult for me to hide it and
my family started asking questions and raising their nose into the matter.
Now even worse Arianne is trying to put some silly tricks and other ways
around to get me into the act, I'm falling for it because it's getting to
difficult to avoid and prevent from happening it's everyday I just can't
stop thinking about their next time or what they will do, I even got to
the point I had to lock my room but they still found a freaking way around
it...When it's not Katya, it's Arianne and even when I wake up one of them
always manage to be in my bed sleeping right next to me.

Now it's getting worse some people at my school think I'm doing them both
of them, wich is true, I did sleep with them numberous time and did both
of them at the same time but It's not the point, I don't know how I will
react or how it will affect me if it happens to be discovered by my whole
family or my friends. I'm not saying I'm not enjoying this to be honest,
it's freaking awesome to have 2 girls in your bed 90% of your time
fighting to drop your pants but it's greatly affecting my social life and
I have to find a way to fix it either way by stopping it or seeking advice
and help. The fact they are also my step sisters make it more difficult to
bring the subject, I know they are not blood related but we live under the
same roof and I don't know how their dad and my mom would react...

I know some of you guys will die in laugh but it's not really fun for me
well in therms of social aspect and for my feelings. Even if I decide to
stop everything they would still eventualy try to get me into doing it and
the fact we live under the same house is more difficult to avoid. The fact
I'm also really falling in love with both of them is really hard...

So this is it, I know it's kind of a weird story but that's how is it...

I need advices on how to fix this whole situation... So do I keep trying
to deal with situation by myself, do I seek professional help and tell my
family or do I keep doing this whole little game and keep doing it with
them because I'm confused and I can't hold myself anymore I love both of
them and I can't keep this going.

sorry for my horrid english I'm doing my best...
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Old 09 February 2012, 08:16 PM
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He forgot the punch line:

"Why are you letting me this?"
"I'm telling everybody!"
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Old 09 February 2012, 08:58 PM
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snopes, I love your thread title! I can only hope that you don't actually get enough emails like this to warrant an ongoing category.
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Old 09 February 2012, 09:09 PM
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Too late:
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Old 10 February 2012, 01:12 PM
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Ah. Well, that was... enlightening.
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Old 10 February 2012, 02:18 PM
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New Zealand

I'm glad you've felt the thrust of snopes' hot, throbbing message board.
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Old 10 February 2012, 02:26 PM
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Now I feel the need to write a Penthouse letter using all the standard urban legends.

Gen "As I repeatedly thrust my Mentos into her quivering body of leaves..." Yus
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Old 26 June 2014, 07:58 PM
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Comment: I live next door to Kim and Kanye West but there is the man that
comes around 12 pm and Kim leaves a window open and they have amazing sex
that is so hot me and my husband watch. He is white male that drives a BMW
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