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Old 10 August 2017, 06:11 PM
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Yow! Nude sunbather on Singapore beach injured after crab mistakes her vagina for oyster

Not sure if this belongs here or in NFBSK. I read a summary of this story in Fortean Times, which usually shows some skepticism, and sought out the source. For the usual reasons, I sincerely doubt it's for real. Anyway, here it is:

My favorite section:
The girls told reporters that they were worried that the crab’s pincers could have contained poison, so they took turns to suck out the venom from the wound. "We weren’t sure if that type of crab is poisonous, but just to be on the safe side we thought we’d better clean the wound."
"Honest, officer, we were just sucking out the crab venom."
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