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Old 03 July 2010, 08:17 PM
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Mexico Urban myths fuel illegal immigration debate

It's an urban myth that illegal people qualify for subsidized rent, food stamps and no deductible, no co-pay health care. Children born in this country who are legal citizens are the ones qualifying. In fact, even legal residents don't have the same benefits as citizens do.
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Old 03 July 2010, 10:41 PM
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It's the employer, not the employee, who benefits from not having to pay federal, state, Social Security and Medicaid taxes. Same goes for employees in the food, hotel and other service businesses.
No the worker benefits as well. I paid about $1500 dollars in taxes on my last pay check. So if I did not have to pay those taxes then I would benefit as well.
She also does not understand how they came up with the 20 dollars figure. She is taking a base wage, and dividing it by a fictional number of hours worked, and says HA they are wrong because that works down to 10 dollars an hour. So based on a 40 hour work week that breaks down to 17.5 per hour. If you figure in the tax different it would be around 20 an hour. Not saying I agree with the numbers either way, but she is ignoring the basic math to create her opinion.
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