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Old 14 October 2013, 03:32 AM
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Fright Razor blades between the piano keys

Comment: I am a professional musician and was told a story numerous times
as a young musician about how rival students would put razor blades
between the piano keys at Juilliard to sabotage other students auditions.
I was told this so often I always accepted this as fact, but just thought
about it now and realized as an adult that it totally sounds like an urban
myth. I found a page on Juilliard's website which says this story is
debunked, but offers no evidence other than that the claim is ridiculous.
I couldn't find anything on Snopes other than a couple people commenting
on the message boards. So is this story about Juilliard a myth? If so, is
there any evidence this act of pianist sabotage has occurred at another
music school or anywhere for that matter?
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