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Originally Posted by moonfall View Post
Is gore-porn something that portrays gruesome torture in a sexual way, or are they just calling anything graphic "porn?" There is definitely such a thing as gory pornography, but I don't recommend searching for it.

As for the word "pornification" in the article title, is the author suggesting that pornography is so common that aspects of it are leaking into other areas of culture and entertainment, or is he/she using it when "sexualization" would be a more accurate term?
Originally Posted by Spud Sabre View Post
As the term is used, "porn" refers to things that excite, not necessarily arouse. It's about the focus on things that will stimulate the viewer in any way. But yes, some will call anything graphic "porn".
Some people refer to food network shows as "food porn" not because you get aroused by a nice rack...of lamb or a big plump breast...of chicken but because of the attention given to each particular plate, and the sort of voyeuristic thrill one is supposed to get from seeing someone else eat something yummy.
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