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Old 10 September 2008, 02:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Hapax Legomena View Post
I was under the (perhaps mistaken) impression that first name only and state only were also acceptable. I do have my first name and last initial but have always had only my state as I saw many others had--is the city also required?
Originally Posted by Hyper Squirrel View Post
Is it all right to just use your first name in your profile, or is it neccessary to add last name/initial?
I'm fairly sure it was ok to have just first name when this came up on the old board and I thought that when we changed to the new one it was still ok. I use just my first name and that was a big concern for me the last time this was discussed so I paid close attention to that question back then. I just hope I didn't get it wrong

If that's changed, I'll change my profile right away.
Old 10 September 2008, 02:59 AM
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Originally Posted by snopes View Post
No, it's not. Your profile information needs to be straightforward, not something that requires the reader to understand pop culture references.
Something I got into a bit of a snit about the last time this issue came up was whether the mere presence of a particular city's name, combined with a brand name, satisfied the requirements. That is to say (and this is not the example that annoyed me), "home of the Durham Bulls" should not be acceptable, even though there's only one Durham that would fit that description, and I agree with that judgment.
Old 10 September 2008, 03:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Salamander View Post
I checked and I'm pretty sure I'm okay. I know that the request is for city/country for people outside the US but I figured that since my state includes the name of my country I'm in the clear for using city/state.
Which brings me to my question: for Canadian snopesters, is city/province acceptable?
Old 10 September 2008, 03:21 AM
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Wait! Is it okay to use a polyalphabetic cipher for your name? Oh God! Will all of this be on the test?!?!
Old 10 September 2008, 04:43 AM
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The rules aren't really that complicated. This is what you need to have in your profile (choose one from each section) -- if a particular form isn't listed here, then you should assume you can't use it:

First name, last name
First initial, last name
First name, last initial
(middle names or middle initials may be added to any of the above combinations)

City/state (or state) (US, AUS, MEX)
City/province (or province) (CAN)
City/county (or county) (UK)
City/country (if your country doesn't have states/provinces/counties or any other meaningful geographic subdivisions)

Decimal number representing years elapsed since your birth.


But really, nobody's going to get booted for not formatting his/her profile information absolutely correctly. My message in the OP was addressed to board members (and you know who you are) who still have fictitious information in their profiles. If you continue to lie about who you are, where you are, and/or how old you are, you won't get to stay on this board.

- snopes
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