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Old 15 January 2018, 02:56 AM
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Tantrum First world problems

I am out of tea and need to make some more.
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Old 15 January 2018, 09:18 AM
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At least you don't mean you're out of tea bags! That would be worse. Although it's usually milk that I run out of, and so have to drink black coffee instead (as I don't like black tea). It's not the same.

Last week I ran out of both milk and coffee. That was horrible.
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Old 15 January 2018, 04:22 PM
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My husband and I are apartment-hunting. Over the weekend we looked at several units in a new building that's just opening up. They're pricy, but still within our budget. In terms of location and amenities, the building has everything we want (and a couple ridiculous luxuries we'll probably never use--if anyone's dying to try a golf simulator, you're welcome to come over!) All of the units are very nice, but they all seem to have one trade-off. The smallest ones have a great view but are a little smaller than we'd like; we'd have to replace our couch with one that fits, we'd have to choose between a dining room table and a desk, and we might have to squeeze into one dresser instead of two. The next size up doesn't have a balcony, which is such a stupid thing to complain about but damnit, I like balconies, and so does my cat. He gets hours of entertainment from chasing bugs and chittering at birds out there, and I feel claustrophobic having to take an elevator to go outside. The next size up is huge, with a balcony, but it faces inward and gets very little light. This also feels like a stupid thing to complain about. But I've struggled with depression my whole life, and I've learned that sunshine is crucial for me. So we have some thinking to do, and some staggering first world privilege to reckon with.
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Old 15 January 2018, 04:45 PM
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Are you sure it's the right building for you?
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Old 15 January 2018, 06:55 PM
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Lack of natural light doesn't sound to me like a stupid thing to complain about at all. Some of us don't do well at all without it. And your need for the outdoor balcony space (not to mention the cat's need for it) may be part of the same thing. Not everyone is physically capable of living entirely indoors; at least, not while functioning well in either mood or concentration.

Unless that's the only space you can afford in an area that you absolutely have to live in, I'd be strongly inclined to agree with erwins, and to keep on looking.
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Old 15 January 2018, 08:03 PM
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We've looked at a few other buildings, none of which had everything we wanted in terms of being in a walkable neighborhood with easy subway access and parking for both of us--we could never get more than two out of three. Taking public transit to work isn't feasible for me, but is pretty much mandatory for him, except for the half a dozen times a year he needs to drive to Bakersfield or wherever for an early court appearance, which is why we need two cars. One of the buildings we looked at came with one parking space and had a Zipcar in the garage, which might have allowed us to get rid of his car, but there was still the issue of there not being much of a walkable neighborhood--no grocery stores for miles, very few restaurants, only one bar and one coffee shop within walking distance, and just not enough foot traffic to feel safe at night. A lot of the buildings we didn't bother checking out in person had tons of negative reviews for things like lack of maintenance, fire alarms going off at all hours, people not cleaning up after their dogs, etc. One older building seems to be undergoing renovations to put washer/dryers and recessed lighting in all the units, which sounds nice, but the residents report that this has meant years of water and electrical shutoffs with no warning.

I feel like it wasn't this hard to find a nice place when I lived in Boston and San Diego. But downtown and surrounding urban areas of LA seem to have been affected more by the white flight to the suburbs than at least those two cities. It’s only within the last decade or so that people who could afford to choose have been coming back to the city; the number of people living downtown has more than tripled in the last 20 years, with the most dramatic increase within the last 5-10 years. There's been an explosion of new development, but it's just barely keeping up. Growth has been somewhat limited by the need for cars; the subway system (yes, there is one!) covers only a small part of the city, though they're currently expanding it. Meanwhile, lots of up-and-coming neighborhoods still don't have a lot of the things you'd expect to have within walking distance in the heart of a major city. That place I mentioned without a grocery store apparently used to have a Wal-Mart up the street, but it closed years ago and nothing has taken its place. This new building we're considering will have a Target on the ground floor. It's also, like our current place, in Koreatown, which has been dense for decades and so has a lot of businesses and foot traffic, though parking is a challenge.

ETA: it also seems like at least a few of the other buildings in the area follow the same playbook where any one-bedroom that faces out or is high enough to get sunlight will be under a certain size, and the ground floor/interior units make up for it with more space.

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