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Old 13 March 2018, 03:08 AM
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I spend a lot of time on the roads between Fredericton and Ottawa. We are in Atlantic time in New Brunswick, but Maine to our west and Quebec to our north are both Eastern Time. Travelling along the Trans-Canada Highway my phone registers on at least 3 time zone changes. One near Grand Falls/Grand Sault to switch to Eastern time (despite an hour left of travel in NB), one about St Leonard back to Atlantic time, and then just about Edmundston to be back on Eastern time.

And, it all has to do with the towers I connect to. My carrier has a deal where voice coverage exists along the border despite whether I connect to an American tower or a Canadian one. So, when I connect to an American one, it tells me I am in Eastern time zone. Next time I connect with Canada, I am back in Atlantic time zone.

Frustrates me because my phone(s) make noises when they change and I don't look at them while driving. So, I have to hope that it is a time zone change and not something more sinister. Oh, and three is the minimum. Some times it may register 7 or more.
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