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Old 27 December 2017, 12:32 PM
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I finally got to see Justice League yesterday - was kind of forced to, every prior potential opportunity got torpedoed at the last minute, and JL was on the way out, it went from like 10 local theaters to 1 over the weekend. So this was pretty much my last opportunity to see it in the theater.

Thought it was all right, had some good bits, but mostly it was not quite there - which makes sense, as it had originally been intended to be a two-parter. But I didn't hate anything, and overall enjoyed it.

My big takeaway from this, however, was that I will never go to a movie again during school break. And it wasn't just the kids - although getting candy thrown on me by some little twerp was certainly annoying. It was the older teens and the twenty-somethings who insisted on talking about The Last Jedi and other Star Wars stuff throughout the entire movie, or showing up 40 minutes into the movie and making other people move so they could sit together (in a surprisingly crowded theater) while they stood and blocked even more people's view of the screen while the seating arrangements were sorted out. A LOT of minor and not-so-minor annoyances. Never again.

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