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Watched the first episode of American Gods on Starz (got the free trial preview via Amazon). Although I enjoyed some elements (Ian McShane makes a terrific Wednesday, and they managed to pull off THAT SCENE with Bilquis in a way that worked - yikes), I didn't like the overall tone. The (apparently intentionally) absurdly cartoonish levels of violence and the added early distastefulness of Audrey's character (incorporating details not in the book, but apparently lifted wholesale from The World According to Garp) both rubbed me the wrong way. Critical response to the series has been quite positive, and from what I've read on TV Tropes and elsewhere, the series develops some characters and plot elements beyond what was in the book in interesting ways, but it just didn't grab me. (Instead, I was inspired to re-read the novel, which I found I still loved, and I'm now on to re-reading Anansi Boys).

I had been eagerly awaiting this series and had considered subscribing to Starz just to see it, but I'm kind of glad I didn't. It seems to be well made and acted; it's just not for me.
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