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Old 25 November 2017, 05:27 PM
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Default Stupid questions

New and Improved! Last one is closed.

My stupid question is for our British Snopesters: What is a housing estate and/or Council Estate? I don't know if they are the same/similar or not. Is it some kind of low-income housing?


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Old 25 November 2017, 07:56 PM
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My understanding of it is that Council Estates are always social housing provided by the local municipality but a housing estate can be private housing built by a developer or it can also mean a Council Estate. I guess the difference might be a housing estate is usually a place where you buy a house but a council estate is where you rent. I think that's gotten blurred now too though as I'm sure I've read about municipalities starting to sell off at least some council houses. So the definition may be more tied to what time period or year you are referencing than anything else!
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Old 25 November 2017, 09:16 PM
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Does anyone know the URL for LMGTFY? I can't remember if it's a .org or a .com.
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Old 26 November 2017, 12:15 AM
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I called up ICANN to ask but they put me on hold. I'll let you know if they ever answer.
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Old 26 November 2017, 12:24 AM
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Bang Head

Huh... ICANN. Had to google that. Well, let me know what you find out. There's someone I'm just dying to use LMGTFY on, if only I knew the proper URL.
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Old 26 November 2017, 01:01 AM
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Hello! As our token British poster these days, I should like to address the "housing estate / council estate" question. As far as I can see, there were at least three parts to the question:

1) Q. Are they the same thing?

A. No.

1a) Q. Are they similar?

A. Partly; see below.

2) Q. Is it some kind of low income housing?

A. Partly; see below.

3) Q. What actually are they?

A. I'm glad you asked. (See below).

Council housing is housing that was built on behalf of, and is owned by, the local council. Traditionally this would have been mostly for low-income families who couldn't afford private market rents, although (in the ideal) there was no social stigma attached to it, and it wasn't supposed to be means-tested. A lot of it was built in the days when governments actually felt that they had a duty towards the well-being of their citizens ("voters", perhaps), and that therefore making sure that the state contained a decent supply of housing that people could afford to live in was a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

A housing estate is simply a development of houses on a particular area of land that have been built by the same developer at the same time. The name does carry the connotation that all the houses are built to a similar design. It also implies a planned development. It doesn't necessarily imply cheap or low quality housing, and it implies nothing about the ownership.

Most council housing (but not all, because councils can also own individual properties) would have been built as a planned build on a particular area of land - whether a greenfield site, or a brownfield site after demolition of the houses or other buildings that were already there. Therefore, most council housing could also have been described as a housing estate.

So, over the years there was some blurring of the terms, and sometimes people use "housing estate" in a disparaging manner as though it means "housing for poor people". Neither term actually means that.

There has been complication over the last twenty or thirty years in that Thatcherite policies mean that councils have had to sell off a lot of their housing under "right to buy" schemes, and the rate of building new ones has gone down severely - council housing used to be one of the big drivers of new housing in the country; these days, "the market" is supposed to drive this stuff and has failed to do so, leading to a housing crisis and hugely inflated prices. But now we're getting a bit political.

In US terms, as I understand it, the term "projects" covers the intersection between the two - what we would call a council housing estate. But I don't know what you call either half independently of that. You must have housing estates - they're part of your suburban iconography, for a start; rows of identical houses where everybody comes out to pick up their newspaper at the same time. But I don't know what you call them; and I don't know what you call government owned housing, whether it's built like that or not; or even whether it exists in the USA.

I hope this helps.
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Old 26 November 2017, 01:49 AM
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Originally Posted by ASL View Post
Huh... ICANN. Had to google that. Well, let me know what you find out. There's someone I'm just dying to use LMGTFY on, if only I knew the proper URL.
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Old 13 December 2017, 04:22 AM
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Default Healthcare insurance

I was reading a Facebook page regarding the failures of Obamacare and one post was claiming that for 2018, their healthcare insurance was going to be about $4,000 per month and even with that coverage, their preferred doctors were not an in-network provider.

The poster also claimed that if they wanted insurance which would be something their preferred doctors would accept, the premium would be even higher.

I realize insurance costs do tend to vary, but $48K per year just seems to be radically out of line.

What kind of coverage would one be getting for insurance with this yearly cost and is such a plan truly available? I've got good coverage through my retirement, of which I pay about 25%, but when I consider my employer's share, I am still about half of this yearly figure.
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