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Originally Posted by Dr. Winston O'Boogie View Post
My company is moving to the Open Workspace design; my area moved into our new space on Monday. I was pleasantly surprised that the noise level wasn't worse. Still reserving judgement on the overall effects. Not a fan of the concept, but still hoping for the best.

Part of the whole idea is that there will be apx. 80% as many work spaces as there are employees, so working off-site (i.e. at home) at least once a week is pretty much mandatory. Not that I mind working from home, but it takes a discipline that not everyone has - you can't get distracted by laundry or kids or message boards or....
Well, it's been a month. I was pleasantly surprised at how little noise there was - at least the level overall was less than I expected. I have only had one day (so far) where someone was sitting near me and talking too damned loud too damned often. I don't think we've been there long enough for some of the problems to pop up, like missing equipment from the "universal" docking stations.

I think the "additional movement" mentioned in the article comes from getting up and finding someone rather than sit in your cube and call them. Then again, it may come from the type of company that would have an open work space is the type of company that hires young people, who are more likely to get up and walk, or that they are the type of company that tries not to stress out its employees; don't know if those were adjusted for in the results.
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