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Old 26 January 2018, 02:38 PM
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Agreeing both that there are legitimate reasons for police to hand out a business card (I've been given one in the fashion GenYus describes, and there wasn't any implication that I noticed that it was to be used for any improper purpose); and that car stickers that say basically 'I donated in a given year' are given out by some programs. I think some people do expect the sticker to get them better treatment if they're stopped for something minor, but I don't know that it does; I think that's mostly an implication used to get donations, and the police force active locally may not even be getting any of those donations.
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Old 26 January 2018, 02:45 PM
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To be clear, I didn't meant to suggest that a cop couldn't write a note on a business card suggesting someone be given preferential treatment. I was thinking more along practical lines -- why carry a second set of cards?

I also feel differently about someone being granted (limited) preferential treatment for having helped in an investigation than I do about allowing people to pay for it by purchasing a card. Depending on the circumstances (how serious is the crime being investigated? how critical was the information provided?), I don't have a problem with the former.
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