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Old 19 December 2017, 02:26 AM
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Baseball The Gerasimov Doctrine

This is posted for comment.

Not being American, I don't have a say in how the US is run. Personal opinions do not count for foreigners. However, living in western democracy, I readily recognise the import the US has in maintaining our ability to function as a society.

The Russian interference (and potential continued influence) in the current US administration is disturbing. However, in an article that I circulated around my workplace this past autumn, it appears that this is all part of a Russian plot.

Bottom line up front: the Russians know that they cannot take on the US when it has its act together. Nor can the Russians expand to take on the US as a full peer. So, their plan... bring the US down to the Russian level.

It is called the Gerasimov Doctrine. And the Russians have been using it to excellent effect in the Ukraine, Eastern Europe and if you look at that data, in the US.

This first article is from Politico magazine, where I first learned of the doctrine: link

That lays it out well in plain speak.

This second article is the English translation of the actual paper referenced in the Politico article: link

There is a graphic towards the end of the paper that can readily be used to identify where the Russians have applied the doctrine to the US.

Some things to note:

- when Facebook released the top 10 Russian influenced ads prior to the election, 7 were pro-Trump, 2 were pro-Clinton, 1 was anti-both (doctrine to sow dissent among all the population)
- while the Republicans benefited mostly from Russian support during the election, Russian support has completely disappeared (in the doctrine to allow weakening of the administration)
- even Putin's thanking Trump for CIA support to bring down terrorists is classic Gerasimov. Russians thanking an agency that Trump despises because this same agency claims that Trump is connected to the Russians. (doctrine to sow confusion and dissent for the institutions)

There are those that believe that the Gerasimov Doctrine is a fable. It must be noted that the paper is legitimate, and it contains the views of General Gerasimov. There is no argument about that. But, every single author of a counter article on the application of the doctrine (most popular one by an Irish author) is by someone from within the borders of Russia.

This group is among the more broad minded groups I deal with. I offer this up as something to chew on. It is scary that we (the West) could be merely puppets of a Putin led effort to degrade Western abilities.

Read and digest. I will comment over the next few weeks over where I see some of the doctrine playing out in the news.
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