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Old 06 March 2013, 12:36 PM
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Default Refugee Whiz in the UK

An update to Refugee Whiz (viral email circulating about how refugees receive significantly higher benefits than pensioners in Canada.Australia.US).

The UK parliament has circulated a briefing note to deal with a similar email now circulating in the UK and making its inevitable way to the inboxes of MPs:

Members may be contacted by constituents complaining that “illegal immigrants/refugees” in Britain receive significantly more financial assistance from the Government than UK pensioners, citing an email.

It alleges that “if you cross the British border illegally you get a job, a driver’s license, pension card, welfare, credit cards, subsidised rent or a loan to buy a house, free education and free healthcare.” It also suggests that “illegal immigrants/refugees living in Britain” are entitled to financial assistance worth up to 29,900 per year, in contrast to pensioners who, it says, receive only 6,000 a year in benefit. More recent mutations of the email do not include the former statements but still make claims about cash entitlements for the respective groups.
Refers to but sadly not snopes!
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Old 06 March 2013, 01:48 PM
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One of my old schoolmates posted this to Facebook yesterday. I pointed out the many flaws in it (including that his version hadn't taken out the reference to "food stamps") and linked to Snopes' refutation. We no longer appear to be Facebook friends - apparently the truth hurts more than I realised.
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Old 07 March 2013, 02:10 PM
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I haven't seen it "in the wild" yet: just got tweeted the direct link.

Surprised not to have encountered it earlier actually, in my line of work and given what a high profile immigraiton has in ill-informed political debate at the moment!
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