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Old 15 January 2013, 10:12 PM
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Ponder Sharpen your scissors with foil

Comment: Oh, how Pinterest must provide you with new rumors aplenty! I
have recently read that you should sharpen your scissors by cutting
kitchen aluminum foil. The claim then went on to opine that you should
also run sheets of aluminum foil through paper shredders to
maintain/improve blade sharpness. This sounds like a simple, inexpensive
way to keep from paying a sharpener or replace expensive machinery.

Then I think about the wording of the claim -- to "sharpen" can only be
done, as I understand, with an actual grindstone. From a particularly
interesting episode of "Good Eats" years ago, I leaned that the home chef
with one of those long metal honing blades can only do just that, "hone"
the tapered, and thus, dull blade edge.

I will admit to trying this with a very old pair of kitchen shears and
noticing little effect that may well have been either wishful thinking or
my imagination. Now, though, the paper shredder at my office has begun to
show signs of dulled blades, and not having to pay to either replace them
or have them professionally sharpened would be nice. Ruining the
expensive paper shredder at work with a hair-brained idea would be even
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Old 15 January 2013, 10:51 PM
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Sandpaper. I've heard that scissors can be sharpened by cutting sandpaper.
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