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Old 06 February 2015, 03:26 AM
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Default Andrew Carnegie's ghost

Andrew Carnegie provided funds to construct quite a few libraries in the US and overseas. Many of the buildings are still standing, and a fair few are still used as libraries. I work in one of those.

My director recently asked me to look into a legend that she's heard from a few different librarians over the years. Supposedly, any library or former library that Carnegie provided funds for may well be regularly visited by his ghost. The visits supposedly start when a portrait of Mr. Carnegie is hung. This is probably a fairly common occurrence - my library has such a portrait, for example - so you would think that Carnegie's ghost would be kept very busy making stops all over the country.

Has anyone ever heard of this legend, or can anyone direct me to some sources that might provide more information? Google's not a whole lot of help, because more than a few economists and reporters like to invoke "the ghost of Andrew Carnegie" in their writings. I did find a Carnegie Library in Pennsylvania that is supposedly haunted and was featured on one of the ghost TV shows a few years ago. I'm going to look further into that, but was hoping someone had heard of the general legend.
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Old 06 February 2015, 03:54 AM
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First time I've ever heard any ghost stories about Carnegie. But then, I don't live in a part of the country where he did a lot of philanthropy work.
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Old 06 February 2015, 05:01 AM
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So the ghost of Carnegie will steal into libraries?
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Old 06 February 2015, 01:38 PM
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Blow Your Top

Well, the first thing I'd question would be why he'd haunt places only if they've hung a picture of him? Normally, a ghost is supposed to haunt a place of significance to itself, usually the place it died, a place it has strong emotional ties to, or more rarely heard of, the place that will help it resolve its torment.

So what's tormenting Mr Carnegie? What strong emotion ties it to all of these places, but only if they put up a picture of him? (Vanity? )

I don't think you'll be able to say, "ghosts are a myth, therefore the stories are false" since believers will believe, sight unseen, but the case is good for classifying it as "Implausible".
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Old 06 February 2015, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Alarm View Post
So what's tormenting Mr Carnegie?
Misplaced books under his picture.
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