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Old 24 January 2007, 08:13 AM
woodland elf
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Have you ever tried a little of a nice gin? It has a real nice flavor, smell, just nice. Shake that same gin, get some air in it and an oxidation occurs with the juniper, it kind of has a slight, ummm, rubbing alcohol taste to it.

A shaken gin will have a sharper taste to it. Some of the more subtle flavors of the gin won't be there. There really is a difference. If you can't taste the difference I do feel sorry you can't truely appreciate the difference. Not that if you prefer your gin bruised that it is wrong, fine by me, some people do. But I wonder if you have never had a nice gin that wasn't bruised and you are missing out. Slight ice shards, and cloudy Martini's do have a slightly different taste.

Also, I may BE from Iowa but that doesn't mean that I have never been anywhere else. That doesn't mean that I have never drank anywhere else. That doesn't mean that I was educated here. It doesn't really mean much of anything in the whole spectrum of the world. Just because I am from the US doesn't mean I am stupid. It is possible that I went to bartender school in Boston. Did I say? No, I didn't!

I work in a Speakeasy. Martini's are a specialty. I have done my research.

Woodland "yes, I have worn a flapper dress" Elf

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Old 24 January 2007, 08:42 AM
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But if I pass on eating the first snow, the next one doesn't come along for about 18 years ...

- snopes
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Old 24 January 2007, 09:29 PM
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i have heard that but the reason was cause the first snow is closer to the graound and when you make ice cream with it you will also be eating dirt
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Old 25 January 2007, 01:08 AM
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Whoa - don't get me wrong - I didn't say I drank all those or ordered them that way - just looking for responses like yours For the record, I like a "classic" or traditional martini with a typical mix of vermouth. For a touch lighter I' go half vodka and half gin - but same overall ratio.

Now - with that said. I have to agree on the bruising - BS besides the ice shards -- 99% of the volatiles in gin are inactive at the temperatures we're talking (no, I don't or I would have linked!!) - which is part of why it "releases" in your mouth... the only thing you'r doing with shaking or stirring is chilling, and if you do it too much, watering beyond that magic proportion..

And that, back (sort of) to the OP, is what led me to using fresh snow for chilling, it very quickly melts without clouding a clear drink, but has a faily low actual liquid ratio, so you can chill a drink in glass w/o shaking or stirring, and while controlling to a pretty good extent the amount of "meltage."

Also for the record - I agree with Linus - once a snowflake falls, it's ripe.

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Old 26 January 2007, 12:04 AM
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You mean some people don't eat snow? I thought it was an innate desire. I've never known a kid that didn't almost instinctively try to eat it. There's just something about the combined texture and temperature that can't be replicated with blended ice and the like.
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Old 27 January 2007, 01:21 AM
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I must amend my previous post a bit, as there have been two times where I have consumed snow, but always in its melted state. Both times, I was stranded because of winter weather. In the first case, an Alberta Clipper that had dropped the temperature below -40 F had frozen our water pipes, and we boiled snow for drinking water. The actual temp stayed around -40 F for about three days, and we didn't dare leave the house for fear of the wind chill. We boiled the water because we really didn't get much snow in 1987, and there wasn't much near the vicinity of the house that didn't have a significant quantity of dirt. This was in 1987, I believe. I would have been twelve.

The other occurance was during the winter of 1997. I was stranded about four miles out in the country, which literally means about four miles from the nearest person during a blizzard. I used a water pan to melt snow over my windshield defroster to drink.
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