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Old 03 May 2018, 03:19 PM
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(This is jumping off from Lainie's point)
I think religions ought not to have gender-based rules about entry at all, but it's certainly their right to enforce them as a condition for entry, for tourists or anyone else.

I also tend to strongly dislike pretty much any gender-based rules. What happens when someone is non-binary, or still working that question out? Every time you sort people by gender, you marginalize people, or worse. When it is a rule of etiquette whose practical origin, if any, has long since lost any application to our lives, and it is in my view harmful to people, then I will oppose it.

Arcane rules where people have to look up the exact application -- hat on or off in an elevator? Depends on the type of building, and whether a lady is present. How do you know if she's a "lady" (I don't want to be considered one!)? -- should not, in my view, be used as weapons. If someone has a rule of no hats in the house, stated politely, I'm happy to follow it. But if someone is going to enforce a gender-based rule as a condition for entry to their house, I think I'd likely find somewhere else I needed to be.

Whew. I didn't know until I started this post how strongly I oppose this "rule." And by the way, I spent some time yesterday looking at many paintings from the past few centuries, in which "gentlemen" clearly had hats on indoors, including in ballrooms. It adds a tiny extra bit of annoyance when the rule is justified entirely by "tradition," and the history doesn't even bear it out. (There's also a layer of class issues, but I'm leaving that aside for now.)

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