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Old 01 March 2018, 01:52 AM
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Originally Posted by UEL View Post
But I would swap Kaley Cuoco for Amy Adams.
I donít know. Amy Adams has a personality and is all cute and charming. Kaley Cuoco seems to be better suited to portray Ivankaís bland, vacant Barbie-doll prettiness.

In the Lex vs. Dr. Doom fight, gotta side with Lex, based on what Iíve seen in the DCAU where the bald mothereffer goes head-to-head with godlike beings and pulls off all these Xanatos Gambits without breaking a sweat.

I will say that in terms of theatrics, Dr. Doom wins. The guy is so grand and over-the-top in his evil that you canít help but admire the guy and you understand why there has never been a good theatrical adaptation of him. Maybe itís not possible to capture Doom in all his glory in a mere two hour movie. He is a guy worthy of being played by Christopher Lee or one of those other great thespians how have the voice and gravitas that makes everything sound epic and amazing, even if youíre having them read a script for a Geico commercial.

The thing about supervillains you have to remember, is that supervillains always go to eleven. Itís what separates them from mere villains. If someone keys your car and you track them down so you can key their car, youíre merely a villain. If you track them down, so you can drop a several-ton piece of metal shaped like a key on their car, thatís supervillainy.

Doctor Doom isnít content merely to go to eleven; Doctor Doom goes to twelve. As a result, there probably wonít be a movie that accurately captures his grandeur, but then again, Iím wondering if the Fantastic Four isnít under some kind of curse. Every Fantastic Four movie has managed to be worse than the one that proceeds it. When everyone agrees that the shitty unreleased Roger Corman version is the best adaptation of a franchise, you know a franchise has problems.
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Old 01 March 2018, 04:12 AM
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Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
Now how about Darkseid v Thanos and Braniac v Ultron?
Thanos wins if he's got the Infinity Gauntlet, then does something stupid that lets Adam Warlock to steal the Gauntlet from him. Otherwise, Darkseid wins.

Brainiac beats Ultron by virtue of not being based on Hank Pym's brainscans.

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Old 01 March 2018, 04:12 PM
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Also, Darkseid has the power to appear on people's couches... which has to be the most awe inspiring power available to a supervillain!
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