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Old 29 December 2014, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Bill View Post

I stopped at the instructor's office to deliver some writing assignments that I was submitting late (that I may not have even finished).

The instructor was displeased that I had come by as she was busy with an international student.



I'm in a classroom situation.

We all have a paperback textbook divided into sections. The lecturer is telling us about "somebody's rule" in the early part of the text and we're following along. Then he refers to something toward the end of the book, and everyone except me knows where it is in the book and is following along, but I can't find it.


Old 29 December 2014, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by A Turtle Named Mack View Post
I have been appointed a US Senator*, but I am finding it very difficult to afford to live in D.C. as needed while maintaining a home here in Georgia.

*Presumably by the governor to fill a vacancy, but hey, it's a dream, they do not have to have every detail worked out.
That's impressive.

The best I've done has been governor of Massachusetts and a former pro baseball player, both of which I posted.

And the observation about the expense of maintaining a residence both in D.C. and the home state has been offered as a reason why senators/representatives need fairly high salaries.


Old 29 December 2014, 05:34 PM
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Two separate dreams on two different nights:

I am a college student. I may be behind in three of my classes. I am definitely behind in the fourth, because I haven't gone in a while, and can't quite remember the days and times I'm supposed to attend. As I'm following two girls down the hall, I learn that one of them has a very interesting sex life, which I really didn't need to know. And I can't remember whether I locked the door to my dorm room.


My husband and I were going through books, and I began reading a series of comic books/graphic novels. From these I learned:

The Incredible Hulk started out as a twelve-year-old girl with a rough home life who felt he was actually a boy. A demigod or powerful sorcerer transformed him into a barbarian warrior, complete with male body, bulging muscles, green skin, and little bits of metal armor that didn't actually cover much. He was transported to another world or dimension, one with rocks and lava and dead-looking, stunted trees, where he met a female barbarian warrior (with Caucasian skin, no green) who had also been transformed by the same entity.

They started a relationship, but it didn't work out because the woman was all chill and okay with her life, but the Hulk was full of anger and wanted to lash out at people he felt had wronged him.

That was the end of the book I picked up, but as I put it on the stack, I noticed there were several more in the series.

[I realize this sounds nothing like the actual origin or circumstances of the real Incredible Hulk. Must've been an alternate universe Hulk...]
Old 30 December 2014, 04:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Miss Cellaneous View Post
[I realize this sounds nothing like the actual origin or circumstances of the real Incredible Hulk. Must've been an alternate universe Hulk...]
It does bear a passing resemblance to bits of the "Planet Hulk/World War Hulk" storyline that ran some years ago (and had an animated movie made of it). Hardly a full resemblance, but bits and pieces... yeah. Possibly you read/heard some of it? The comics ran about 6-8 years ago; the movie came out in 2010.

OTOH, quite possibly you have an awesome imagination!
Old 30 December 2014, 12:11 PM
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Training a tiger and walking a captured deer should not be done simultaneously on a school playground. Also, those big plastic candy canes have candy inside, not meat, and can't be used to reward the tiger.
Kinda glad I woke up when I did since the kids had come outside for recess.
Old 30 December 2014, 03:26 PM
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I'm attending a convention at a very large hotel in an expensive city. One of the group I'm traveling with is Frank Langella. Someone sent a large basket of fruit to his hotel room, and he's offered it to the rest of us, but when we investigate we realize it's all been partially eaten. So we leave in search of dinner. All I manage to find in this expensive city is a glassine packet of cancelled stamps.

Don't ask me to explain, as I haven't a clue.
Old 31 December 2014, 03:51 PM
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You know, I've read somewhere that we only dream about people we've seen or met. That any face in our dreams is somebody whom we've known familiarly in real life.

Frank Langella is in your dream, because it is a familiar face.

Does anyone also believe this? Or dispute it?
Old 31 December 2014, 04:40 PM
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Well, sometimes there are people in my dreams who I don't know: that is, while I'm in the dream I don't recognize them as anyone who I know previously, and when I wake up I still don't think they were anyone who I know.

For instance: there was a person in a dream I had a couple of nights ago who was a sort of military employee of my nephew (who does not, in real life, have military employees.) I knew, in the dream, what he was doing there; and I had conversation with him in the dream; but I didn't think in the dream that I had met him in any other context, and I didn't think, when I woke up, that he was anyone I had known.

I don't know whether it affects this that I'm partly face blind, and appear to also be so in dreams. I usually don't remember the faces of people I meet in real life; even when I have managed to learn someone's face IRL, when I think of them it's not their face I mostly identify them with. I usually don't remember the faces of people I see in dreams, either; and even when I do dream about somebody I know (which does happen frequently), while I know in the dream who the person is I don't figure out who they are by peering at their face, I just know who they are.
Old 31 December 2014, 05:30 PM
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Thing I learned in my dream last night and a partial answer to Dondi's question:

On the first day of your new job, wear the proper uniform and make sure that your name tag does not read "NAMETAG".

As to Dondi's question...
In yesterday's dream, I was once again working at Big Box retailer and many of my former coworkers were there, and I clearly remember their faces. However, I cannot describe the faces of any of the customers.
Old 31 December 2014, 06:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Wolf333 View Post
make sure that your name tag does not read "NAMETAG".
Unless your name is Nametag...

"It's Nah-Meh-Tag!"
Old 01 January 2015, 12:13 AM
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If you dress like Miss Piggy for Halloween, do not leash your pet pig to go trick or treating with you. If Miss Piggy herself catches you, there will be hell to pay. Miss Piggy would NEVER leash a pig.
Old 01 January 2015, 01:05 PM
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I just learned that if I am ever in a lab explosion and injured, our poodlely dog will come rescue me. That is to say, this morning I had a dream that I was in an explosion in a laboratory and was slightly injured but Asta, our dog woke me up to go outside. So the dream mixed with reality.
Old 01 January 2015, 02:17 PM
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I have a habit of brushing the hair atop my head to the side with my hand. People ask me why I do it, since I haven't got enough hair up there to comb, much less rearrange by hand, and I admit it is just a long-standing habit.
Old 02 January 2015, 06:41 PM
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Don't climb the 80ft platform at the end of the pier unless you know that you can climb down.
Old 02 January 2015, 06:56 PM
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If you're going to host a meeting of costumed vigilantes*, make sure you give them the right hotel room number. You'll wait a while, exploring the unusually spacious rooms with multiple bathrooms and an indoor pool**, before realizing that all of the invitees are in the room next door.

*Not comic book superheroes, but people who don costumes and 'fight crime' like Phoenix Jones (he wasn't in the dream, just using him as an example)

**Oddly enough, despite all of this imagery I didn't wake up having to go to the bathroom as one might expect.
Old 03 January 2015, 12:37 PM
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If the entire town is trying to kill you, your dad and your brother it's completely reasonable to stop at a nature reserve and stroll up to the spring-fed pool and take a dip instead of getting out of Dodge.
Old 03 January 2015, 12:42 PM
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I won't go into the dram because it was... very, very upsetting. These are things I learned FROM my dream.

1. If a dream is bad enough, I will talk in my sleep
2. Talking while wearing a CPAP is kind of uncomfortable, and will probably wake you up. It felt like someone was pulling something out of my throat.
Old 03 January 2015, 02:26 PM
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(1) I wrote a one-act animated musical comedy, with an opening theme and a main theme. A preliminary version was shown in the shopping mall parking lot. Someone who saw it was pleased with it, and I was under the impression that someone with more technical skills could do better animation than I did by hand. Other people hearing this became interested.

(2) I was on a beach with a group of men watching college basketball. There was a statement on the screen about how it was the "game of the century," and I reminisced with the others about how in my days as a track star I was in a great rivalry with another track star, which the other star won (in reality, I won). Somebody had a green liquid in a bottle with the brand name "Pot," but it had nothing to do with the more famous substance of that name.


Old 03 January 2015, 04:04 PM
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Dream #1: The bathtub faucet is broken, and the water can't be turned off. Also, my grandfather is still alive but his Alzheimer's is so severe he doesn't know who or where he is.

[Note: I woke up to discover that I hadn't fully turned off the bathroom faucet last night after my shower. Water had been running in the tub all night. I sleep with earplugs, and I didn't hear the water running until I was in the bathroom this morning. I always feel weird when I dream about things that turn out to be true.]

Dream #2: My parents haven't noticed the two cartoon dragon tattoos on my left bicep. [In real life, my left arm was mauled and mangled several years ago and now it's deformed, but in my dream my arm was normal again.] I don't remember getting the tattoos, and I don't think they hurt. I conclude that the reason they didn't hurt is because they're not very good and weren't done by a talented artist, and they're going to become blurry around the edges in a couple of years.
Old 04 January 2015, 02:01 AM
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I've been having a recurring dream for at least a decade about not being able to attend a certain class in high school, starting off with not being able to understand the timetable and find the correct room and over the years advancing to walking past the room and not being able to go in because I was so embarrassed about all the classes I'd already missed to trying to attend the class and realising I was hopelessly behind and had no chance of catching up and then walking past the classroom and seeing all the big complex projects the other students were working on and knowing that I hadn't started mine and never would. The dream was always set in my old high school and the teacher was usually my old art teacher who just happened to be the most encouraging teacher I'd had. In the dream he always knew I wasn't attending his class and he was terribly disappointed in me.
(Given how I feel that I've never lived up to the potential I showed in high school it's not terribly difficult to interpret these dreams.)

Well! Last night I dreamed that I was sitting the final exam for that class! It looks like this dream which has been haunting me for over a decade might finally be entering its endgame!

When I sat down for the exam they'd given everyone a glossy little catalogue which had all the exams for all the different classes and I couldn't even remember the name of my class so I was flipping through it trying to spot something familiar and getting more and more panicked whilst trying to look nonchalant. The invigilator finally helped me and pointed out my exam papers which were for Studies in African/Arabic Art.

So the thing I learned in my dream last night: the topic of that dream class I've been avoiding for the last decade.
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