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Old 17 May 2009, 03:50 AM
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Glasses Motorists don't feel the love (bugs)

Dr. Stacy Strickland, agriculture agent with the Hernando County Extension Service, shoots holes in the urban legend that love bugs were created by the University of Florida, where they were let loose to eat mosquitoes.
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Old 17 May 2009, 07:25 AM
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From personal experience, those things are seriously misnamed.
When we first moved to South Alabama (Dothan, about 10 miles north of the Florida state line) some 30+ years ago, we rarely had any trouble with them unless we were visiting relatives on the Florida side of the line.
By 1990, the damn things were all over Dothan during the swarming seasons and could be seen in areas roughly 15 miles north of Dothan. I started my current job with the USPS in 2000 and was making a once-a-week trip between Dothan and Montgomery, and, to the best of my recollection, the northern limit of swarm activity was Troy (about 50 miles SE of Montgomery and 50 miles NW of Dothan). While I'm not making that trip anymore, the bugs have started making appearances in Montgomery in the past couple of years (they really haven't made any major impact--it's more like the "advance scouts" that we've been seeing but, at the local gas stations, the windshield cleaning areas bear witness to cars that have been coming from points south; I'd stopped by and decided to give my windshield a little cleaning to get rid of the dust and after I saw how many love bug remnants were floating in the reservoirs, I decided that I could live with a dusty windshield for a bit longer).
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Old 17 May 2009, 07:51 AM
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I lived in central Florida during the 1990s. There was one year, and I can't remember exactly when but it was toward the beginning of the decade, probably 1991 or 1992, when the lovebugs were insanely bad. There were black swarms everywhere, I remember running into the house from the sidewalk and through a cloud of the critters. At least one or two always managed to hitch a ride inside in my hair. Roads were even worse, car windshields had to be cleaned daily due to the rapid bug buildup.
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Old 04 January 2010, 02:31 AM
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One of the great things my late fiance left me was his vast collection of stories about the things he had experienced in life. One was about going to an AA meeting with a friend and hearing one of the members speak. The speaker told about going on a family vacation with the wife and kids (she was driving) and she had taken care to pack the car so that there was no chance of booze being smuggled.

Well, alcoholics can be one creative and adaptive bunch. Hubby got the bright idea to put pure vodka in the windshield wiper resevoir (sp) and he would "check under the hood" (with a straw) when they made the stops along the way. All was going well until they hit a huge bunch of lovebugs and his wife used up ALL of the windshield fluid (aka vodka) cleaning the windshield.HUbby said he could only sit there and curse to himself as he watch the rest of the trip thru the cleanest dang windshield in the state.
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