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Old 04 October 2012, 04:24 AM
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Glasses Vitamin C may shorten cold, not stop it

Myth: Vitamin C prevents the common cold.

Fact: After decades and dozens of studies, it appears the idea that vitamin C prevents colds is just an old wives' tale. But there is some evidence that high doses of the vitamin, which is found in citrus fruit and other produce, may slightly shorten the length of a cold.
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Old 09 October 2012, 05:08 AM
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I'll take even half a day less of a cold versus half a day more of misery, yes I will. Best way to prevent a cold is to wash your hands almost all the time. What I can't believe is that since I started working retail a year ago I have not caught one cold and I know that every single disease vector that goes through this town has got to be all over merchandise that I'm touching constantly. But my hands get filthy and I wash them all the time...I am convinced it's the only reason I don't get every single new pathogen mutation in town.
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