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Old 21 May 2017, 02:53 PM
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Glasses Creationist Sues Interior Department

I read about this in the recent Atlantic (and it's good to know that I cannot link to them--you'll have to go there yourselves); seems that a geologist who just happens to be a creationist, wanted to remove some rocks from the Grand Canyon so he study them. His aim? To prove that the Grand Canyon was created by The Flood.
Now I've never had a conflict with religion or science, but I ain't no creationist. Question for the board: is there a way for a geologist, any geologist, to set up a field lab in a national park to study its real estate? I imagine a permit and a roped off area would be needed.

IMO, the Grand Canyon was created by the constant flow of what is now the Colorado River. I'm thinking the Ice Age worked its magic as well.
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Old 21 May 2017, 03:58 PM
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The article says they do allow research projects in the park, but permits are required and they didn't think this particular one met the criteria, in part because of the amount of rock to be removed, in part because the same sort of rock can be found outside the canyon, and in part because applications are sent out for peer review and all three geologists they sent this one to said it wouldn't be scientifically valid research.
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Old 21 May 2017, 04:21 PM
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You can't link to the Atlantic? I'm sure I have in the past, to Faceboo or here, maybe both.
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Old 22 May 2017, 02:13 PM
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I posted in your original thread, noting that the results of a catastrophic flood (see: channeled scablands) look nothing like the results of gradual erosion (i.e., the Grand Canyon).

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Old 22 May 2017, 03:20 PM
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Come now. All this flood crap is nonsense. The Grand Canyon was made when Paul Bunyan was dragging his ax on the ground - it was a hard winter, and he was tired.
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Old 22 May 2017, 04:38 PM
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No, it was when Pecos Bill was saddle-breaking a tornado. It bucked so hard that the rain formed the Grand Canyon.
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