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Old 25 April 2014, 02:49 PM
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Bonsai Kitten 30 Dead Cats Found Hanging From a Tree Near NYC

Police made a gruesome discovery in Yonkers, New York, late this morning, with more than 30 dead cats found hanging from the gnarled branches of a tree in an abandoned lot. Their bodies had been stuffed in plastic bags and either hung on the tree itself or scattered around its base, in what appears to be a ritualistic display.

Warning - the first pic shows just opaque plastic bags we are told contain cats, and the third pic is just the empty lot and tree from across the street, the second picture shows the body of a cat hanging from the tree - if it will upset you to see, try to avoid the second picture.
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Old 25 April 2014, 08:22 PM
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Bonsai Kitten 25 Dead Cats Found Hanging in Trees in Yonkers

Glenn Stefanik was working with his crew from the Yonkers Department of Public Works, clearing debris from a wooded area overlooking the Hudson River, when he caught sight of something strange.

An animal was dangling from a tree branch. It was eviscerated and hard to make out at first, so he looked closer. A white cat had been strung up from a branch of a crooked tree. Next to it hung a black bag.

“We pulled on the bag and a little black kitten fell out,” he said. “It was a day or two old.”

More than two dozen bags just like that one would be found hanging in branches above a tangle of vines and empty beer bottles.
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