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Old 17 August 2007, 02:16 AM
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Originally Posted by barbrainey View Post
I have wondered what the press conference would be about. Robert Sherman didn't say anything about the nature or purpose of the news conference.

Also, no one but him referred to the alleged atheists comment.
It was, as I understand it, in an interview, not in a press conference. He asked the President for a short interview, Bush said okay, Sherman asked some questions, Bush gave some answers.

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Old 18 August 2007, 12:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Silas Sparkhammer View Post
If it were being widely repeated, even as an unfounded urban legend, that you or I said something we hadn't, wouldn't we be glad of an opportunity to set the record straight?
Your first mistake there is in thinking that successful politicians are remotely similar to you or I

Few who believe he said it would believe the denial.

This is from the Philadelphia Inquirer, September 4, 1984:

Vice President Bush, campaigning yesterday in this Chicago suburb, accused Democratic presidential nominee Walter F. Mondale of inconsistency in his attacks on President Reagan's mixing of religion and politics in the presidential campaign.

"I'd say that isn't true," Bush said of Mondale's accusation, "and I'd say it sounds a little desperate. I didn't hear a word of that charge when Jesse Jackson was getting his message out from the pulpits. . . . I believe it's a smoke screen. We believe in separation of church and state."
Bush said that the United States was "one nation under God, and we always have been. But that doesn't mean there's not room for diversity. The American people are with the President on this."

Asked if he thought an atheist could be a patriotic American and a Reagan- Bush supporter, the vice president said: "I guess we need all the votes we can get. . . . But we believe there is an underpinning that comes from faith. It's not denominational. It's not exclusive. It simply reflects the craving for a return to the values that made this country strong."
Look, if I had been asked if an atheist could be a patriot, and I had said yes, and someone said I had said no, then maybe even if I was a retired politician I'd deny it. But if I'd been asked the question, and I equivocated, I'd rather let the whole thing lie.
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