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Old 04 October 2011, 10:50 AM
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Dog Nail-laced bait left for dogs in parks?

Saw this posted on Facebook and it felt rather UL-ish (Very much like the razorblades in apples legends we get this time of year.)

dog owners please be aware this is the latest trends in parks please be careful and please share

Was posted by a Facebook user in the UK, but there was no indication where the photo was taken.

EDIT: Damn, need to chow myself - didn't realise it was cheese and "potato" didn't get me any results.
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Old 04 October 2011, 10:54 AM
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The warning *does* appear to be based upon a genuine incident. However, the nails were found in pieces of cheese in a park in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In July. You can read the Spanish-language news report here.

So, a dog walker in Argentina, in July, found some pieces of cheese, ham and sausage which contained nails scattered near a kennel. That's clearly horrible and alarming for people who may live nearby, but that's a far cry from saying that such sick acts are a "new trend".
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Old 04 October 2011, 11:58 AM
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I just saw this picture on FB this morning, oddly enough! Now I have posted a response
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Old 17 February 2012, 07:56 AM
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In December 2011 we had someone drop poisoned baits and pieces of meat with broken razor blades stuck in them in several of the parks here in Essen.

I sometimes wonder in what kind of world we live

ETA: Whoops, just saw how old this thread was already
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Old 17 February 2012, 09:15 AM
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Last year several dogs were killed by poison bait left on a footpath in Colchester while another dog recently died after eating poison bait left at a golf course (for context, some golf courses border public parks so dogs are legitmately walked nearby). Apparently they were killed by fox bait, which should only be used in places where domestic pets can't get to it. We now have serious problems with people using poisoned chicken and biscuits soaked in antifreeze to poison cats.

A woman I worked with at the cat shelter had one of her lovely GSDs killed by meat laced with broken glass. She suspects, but can't prove, it was thrown over her fence by a neighbour. One dog survived, but the other couldn't be saved. Her dogs had been bred for police work, went through basic training, but ultimately didn't become working dogs (due to hip score) and it was hard to understand why someone tried to poison well-trained, well-behaved dogs that weren't noisy, weren't allowed to stray and were only off the lead when taken to a country park for their daily run.
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