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Old 19 October 2013, 05:46 AM
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Mexico 10 Immigration myths debunked

10 Immigration myths debunked:
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Old 19 October 2013, 04:33 PM
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That's an interesting article. Their first myth, that most immigrants come from Latin America, isn't quite a myth. A slight majority of the foreign-born population, and of immigrants who came from 2000 to 2009, are from Latin America. However, Latin Americans make up only about one third of those who have come since then.

In regard to the myths that most immigrants are uneducated and work at low-skill jobs, many immigrants are educated, successful professionals, but maybe people are thinking about undocumented immigrants.

Some people seem to have inconsistent ideas about immigrants:

People don't want to work.

Wait a minute--they want to work, but immigrants are taking jobs from them.

Wait a minute--immigrants don't want to work--they want to collect benefits and live off the taxpayers.
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Old 19 October 2013, 06:53 PM
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At least partly: As far as I know, debunking is something different.

E.g. take myth #8: "Immigrants are less educated than native-born citizens".

It clearly reads there: "Immigrants are less likely than native-born citizens to complete high school - 30.8 percent compared with 10.2 percent, respectively."
Thus the "myth" seems true.

They try to whitewash and reinterpret it though: "However, immigrants are more likely than native-born citizens to have graduate or professional degrees."
But well, why don't they name numbers here too?
In the tables it's 10.8% (native-born) vs. 11.6% (immigrants). Not a big difference.

To #10: "Immigrants are more likely to commit crimes".

That page states: "Immigrants make up roughly 6 percent of the entire prison population".
Ok, and how much do they make up of the entire US population?
If they make up over 6%, then they seem less criminal; if they make up less then 6%, they seem more criminal.

From wikipedia (maybe not up-to-date etc.):
Illegal immigrants in the US: 11 million people (= 11,000,000); total population in the US: 316,889,000.
11,000,000 / 316,889,000 = 0.0347124703 = ~ 3,47% illegal immigrants.
But well, illigal immigrants =/= immigrants.

Furthermore: the diagram&text is just about immigrants in US prisons. Are there no possibilities that criminal immigrants get send back to their country?
If they don't get send back, ok; if some get send back, then the diagram/numbers are kind of useless (well, except for whitewashing and manipulation).

Don't the "bad" guys (racist, anti-immigrants, whites, normal citizens) differ, e.g. between European and non-European immigrants and make up theories like non-white/non-European/colored immigrants are more criminal than normal US citiziens, or black&latinos&arabs immigrants are less educated than asian&white immigrants & US citiziens?
If they do, then better diagrams and tables are needed to "debunk" their theories.

How about some immigrants don't want to work and just want money, some immigrants want to work and take "our" jobs, and some immigrants want to work and do jobs normal citizens wouldn't/couldn't do?
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