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When I was six months old, special knee pads started to grow on my front legs. The Intelligent Creator knew I had to have them. They help me lower my 1000 pounds to the ground.

If I didn't have them, my knees would soon become sore and infected, And I could never lie down. I'd die of exhaustion. By the way, I don't get thick knee pads because I fall on my knees. I fall on my knees because I already have these tough pads. Someone very Great thought of me and knew I needed them. He designed them into my genes.
It makes perfect sense, according to the theory of evolution, that a species could exist which could not lie down and was doomed to die of exhaustion/complications from infection. This also explains why whales drown soon after birth, because evolution couldn't give them specialized lungs which could help them exist underwater for a long time.
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