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Old 16 February 2007, 05:47 AM
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Fight "Are you happy now?"

Ever since I heard about a Slovenian band called Laibach, I did some research and read a few reviews on their albums on Amazon. Laibach's songs mainly deal with militaristic themes, and they were influential to bands like Rammstein. And well from this Amazon review about NATO, what caught my eye was this part:

Apparently 'In The Army Now' was No.1 in Slovenia the day the Yugoslav civil-war broke-out, in context the Status Quo song becomes a thing of irony & choral beauty. In the first few days of the civil-war an official state radio announcer took the air-time to say, 'Laibach, are you happy now?'.
I'm wondering if any part of it is true or not? Would be interesting if there was an announcer who really said that.

On my last note, I leave you with one of their songs, Tanz Mit Laibach, performed by communist kittens!
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