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Old 01 May 2008, 02:17 PM
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Frying Pan The first dent is the worst

So I (think) I witnessed a UL telling last night. I bought a new car, and while we're outside getting ready to go, a couple salesmen and a desk manager are hanging out while we look it over. There is a tiny nick, like from a small stone- no big deal, they will buff it out and touch it up for me. I laugh and say hey, at least I can make it to the first weekend without scratches. The manager goes into a story, something like this (not exact quotes):

I once sold a car to this older man. He walks out to the lot with this big brief case, opens it, and pulls out a ballpean hammer.
At this point, I start cracking up- I know where this is going and figure it is a UL. I look at one of the other guys and say "This did not really happen to him- every car dealer will tell you this story." The manager say "no, no, it really did."

The man walks over to the side of the car, takes the hammer, and wham, a dent in the door. I say 'What are you doing?' and he says 'Eh, the first dent on a new car is the worst. After that, no big deal.'

I sold the man a few more cars over the years, and everytime he broght the same old briefcase with the same hammer and did the same thing...
I'm certain that if I had pushed him, it would have been "well, OK, it happened to a friend I know at another dealership."

Actually, it sounds like it could be a glurge instead of just a car dealer story. Someone emails that story to you , appended with "and just as in life, the first dissapointment or hardship is the worst, but we keep on going, and blah blah blah the first nail in his hand, blah blah."
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Old 08 July 2008, 03:23 AM
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This reminds me of the first time we filled up our boat on Geneva Lake (WI) in 1973. The attendant went out of his way to break the lanyard that kept the gas cap attached to the boat. When questioned, he imparted this wisdom: "You can't trust them things."

A few weekends later, that cap began its 35-year residency on the bottom...
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